Third culture kid currently studying medicine at the University of Bristol.

In terms of introducing myself, that’s the best I got. Ah, well. But I’m from Thailand, so the real question here is: did I ride on elephants to school? Um, a gobsmacking yes.


Grammatically incorrect posts giving you an insight of my incessant struggles through university. You can expect honest lowdowns on medical school, unprofessional millennial talk and extremely wondrous iPhone-based photography. Have a roam…


My podcast “THAT MED KID” is a crockpot of weird medical knowledge I’ve picked up from 9am lectures (pressing topics discussed include, but in no way limited to: why is the ER busier on Valentine’s Day? Why does cheese give you nightmares?) & cool conversations with much cooler people (from politicians, to actors, to surgeons). Check it out on Apple Podcasts!