“Walking In The Air” / “Everglow” | Piano Mashup 

“Walking In The Air” by Howard Blake – this was a song I found ethereal and hauntingly beautiful, a marker in my childhood devoid of snow. In fact, during IGCSE Music, I found myself very lost, because there I was – classically-trained and had just officially finished my Grade 8 exam. But whilst aboard that journey, I impolitely strained to sit as far as possible from the classical/baroque passengers near the aisle and towards the impressionistic/21st century non-existent passenger who was running alongside the train like a vagabond. I had always printed out piano sheet music from weird depths of the Internet of movie soundtrack transcriptions or fiddled around with converting today’s rap hits into a romantic ballad. Enjoyed the idea of creating spontaneously, with less emphasis on technicality and more on beautiful simplicity (maybe that’s my excuse for being lazy with chromatics). So that was when I could never relate to the lyrics of “Walking In The Air” more, and chose that as my first practice performance. Yes, I should be showcasing how rapidly my fingers can run over the ivory keys or the technicality I have acquired from official board exams, but I wanted to show something else that mattered more to me, something that was raw and real. Everyone was expecting more, maybe some Tchaikovsky or Vivaldi, but I’d be letting myself down if I did.

“Everglow” by Coldplay – The glucagon transduction pathway taunted me; vaguely circular blots. Maybe it was the overwhelming stress I chucked on myself or the precursors to an existentialist crisis, but this song engraved meaning into the blizzard of my mind. I interpreted the meaning a little differently, that my former self – the happy, peaceful person I was – had died. But I know she’s still inside of me. I can get her back, because God is with me.

Since it was December 1st, I thought, “Hey. Here are two songs that have vaguely similar chord progressions, are Christmas-related, and mean a heck of a lot to me.” Enjoy.


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